Adventures with Jicama and Tofu

It has been colder than ice lately. Case in point: the ice has started creeping into our apartment.


My body has succumbed to the weather with icky cold symptoms: scratchy sore throat, cough, sneezing, runny nose, blah feeling. But since I don’t have a fever or feel half dead, I have no reason not to exercise (just a reason to make it shorter!), so I did Chris Freytag’s Upper Body Workout.

I used a recipe from this month’s Food Network Magazine to make dinner tonight. When we were buying groceries last week I already had it in mind, so Dave and I meandered through the produce aisle at Woodman’s looking for one of the ingredients: jicama.

Even foodies can be stupid about food. The bins were not properly labeled and, having no prior experience with jicamas, I could not pick it out from the yucca root or cuchacote (?). Dave and I finally narrowed it down to two and ended up with these strange looking things:


A quick search on the internet at home confirmed the former to be jicama, the latter to be yucca root. While I peeled it last night (very aggressively, I might add), the jicama gave off a salted-peanut-in-shell aroma. A quick bite revealed the taste to be like the combination of an apple and potato. Not bad nor good. Just…different.


Much like the tofu.

The main entree was Tofu Cuban Sandwiches which consisted of wheat hoagie rolls, marinated and pan-fried tofu, mustard, roasted red pepper, pickles, cheese, and an onion garlic sauce.


The sandwiches were certainly very colorful.


And the jicama sticks tossed in orange juice and chili powder looked just like french fries.


But my overall verdict was…meh. The sandwiches were actually quite tasty, but I think they actually would have better without the tofu. And I still couldn’t decide if I liked the jicama. I think next time I might have to try another cooking method…I wonder if they can be roasted?

This is the recipe I used:

Now to decide what to do with that yucca root…



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