Sunday Funday and the White Dog Black Cat Cafe

Brunch always sounds like a great idea on Saturday at midnight, but somehow, when Sunday morning rolls around, the thought of exerting the effort to shower, dress, and meet people early in the day proves to be too much. Solution: plan to do brunch on Sunday and don’t hang out Saturday night. Whatever works.


Dave and I were the first to arrive at White Dog Black Cat Cafe at noon on Sunday. A couple of my friends had recommended the place as having great brunch food and the best bloodies in town. The atmosphere was a little cozy, a little funky, and the crowd ranged from hipster to post-church attendees.

Though I really wasn’t in the mood for a Bloody Mary when we arrived, there was an implied understanding that to go to WDBC and not order one on a Sunday was like going to Red Lobster and ordering the chicken. It simply isn’t done.


I usually have a love-hate relationship with Bloody Mary’s. I love eating the fixings and drinking the first half, then I get tired of it by the second half and end up wasting it. But after my first sip of the Hometown (which inclued a pickled egg, onion, mushroom, and brussels sprout), I was sold. This was the best Bloody Mary I’ve ever had; the perfect combination of tomato and spiciness.

I finished it and ordered another.


Dave was intrigued by the Pot O’ Gold, which sported a boiled potato and bacon and was made with Jameson instead of vodka.

008He wisely ordered a chaser to tamper down this very strong and spicy drink.

It took about an hour for the whole gang to arrive and to scrounge up a table for eight. The menu was a great mix of the familiar: Stuffed French Toast, and the not so familiar: Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict. Though I really wanted the Huevos Rancheros, the waitress informed me they no longer served it. Scumped again! Instead, I ordered the regular Eggs Benedict.


This was served with a side of ‘cafe potatoes’, which were basically small hashbrown patties.


The presentation was great, and the food was delicious. Dave seemed to enjoy his steak and eggs very much, as well.


The food prices were very reasonable and the drink prices standard for Green Bay ($7 each for the Bloody Mary’s). We both agreed that we would return.

After brunch came the age-old question “What do we do now?” After much hemming and hawing, Dave and I finally invited the gang back to our apartment for some board games and coffee.

We played Wits & Wagers and poker and spent some time with this lovely (crawling) lady.


As with most Sunday Fundays, Dave and I stayed up much later than we should have given our work schedules. Eh. You only live once.


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