Perfect Saturday Afternoon

One of my favorite things to do in an afternoon—grocery shop at Woodman’s.


The store is even happy to see us, too!

Even though I hate the set-up of the produce selection, their prices and selection have made them my top pick for a big grocery shopping spree. Dave and I filled our cart to the brim with fresh veggies, cheese, canned beans, apples, and various snacks to last us the next few weeks.

After we unloaded at home, we headed off for a few more errands: Fleet Farm for more birdseed and lamp oil, Petco for a Drinkwell reservoir and replacement filters, and Target for all the things that we don’t need but just like to have. That’s Target in a nutshell.

Holding up with most weekend nights and grocery shopping days, neither Dave nor I felt like cooking, and he wasn’t in the mood to go out. We compromised on take & bake pizza from Papa Murphy’s…pretty much the only place we ever get take & bake pizza (unless we happen to buy a frozen Archer Farms pizza from Target).

Dave and I usually each pick one pizza and then revel in the leftovers for the next few days. My favorite is the Gourmet Vegetarian with the tomato sauce instead of the creamy garlic sauce. Dave loves the stuffed ones with plenty of meat. Two peas in a pod. I haven’t yet caved in to the S’mores Dessert Pizza.

But I really want to some day.

Dave brought home three pizzas this time: Gourmet Vegetarian (with tomato sauce instead of garlic sauce). Hawaiian (with added green peppers and red onions).


And a Chicago-Style Stuffed.
002We finished Season 5 of the Big Bang Theory while eating our pizza. 😦  Now we have to find a new ‘funny’ show to watch together until Season 6 is all out on DVD. I made it until 11pm tonight!


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