Thirsty Thursday

I can’t believe it’s Friday already! I have the whole weekend off, because one of the girls at the cafe asked if she could work for me this Saturday. Don’t you love when people ask to work for you instead of asking if you can work for them? Lovely. Since I will have worked 41.5 hours this week, I don’t mind at all.

So far, I am really enjoying my new position at the hospital. I don’t get to run around as much, but the busyness is more consistent, so the days go by so much faster. After I got home from another fast day at work yesterday, I changed into exercise clothes before I could change my mind and did Level 2 of 30 Day Shred.

I have noticed that my left elbow has started making popping noises again, most likely from the break last February. I certainly hope that goes away; it’s bad enough listening to my hips pop when I do bicycles.

I was hankering for a drink last night (afternoon) after I showered and chatted with Dave for a bit. I’ve been trying not to drink any alcochol during the week, but I finally talked myself into a small martini. Plus I was hungry, so the feta-stuffed olives I received for Christmas from Dave did me good.


I started making dinner a little after four. Since I plan to do a bit of grocery shopping this weekend, I used up the rest of some veggies and our eggs to make a veggie egg scramble.


Mushrooms, orange bell pepper, grape tomatoes, and spinach went into the skillet with a smidge of butter, minced garlic, onion powder, salt, and pepper.


Then the last two eggs whisked with a bit of milk.


I topped my veggie scramble with some shredded sharp cheddar and sriracha sauce and had a piece of rye toast on the side. As a general rule, I do not like my egg yolks and whites mixed (weird, I know), and while I still prefer egg scrambles made with whites only, this was pretty good. Sriracha and salsa are eggs’ best friend.

Dave and I watched a few episodes of the Big Bang Theory together while eating dinner, and then I read a few chapters of The Casual Vacancy before bed. I am having a hard time getting into J.K. Rowling’s newest novel; I can’t figure out what is driving the story yet and what the characters want, but I hope it will start unfolding soon.

Happy Friday, everyone! Do something crazy fun this weekend.


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