Tuesday Things

1. I have a new thing for diet Ginger Ale out of the can. I forgot how awesome it tastes; it’s crisp, clean and so incredibly fizzy. Unfortunately, the markup is about 50% higher than soda out of a liter bottle. Fortunately, that means I must pace myself, and my bloodstream won’t be saturated with aspartame by January.

2. Dave and I have finally decided on our three appetizers and drink for Christmas with his family: Spinach Puffs, Catfish Cakes, and Bacon-Wrapped Almond-Stuffed Dates to eat and Snakebites (half Guinness, half Strongbow) to drink. Let the food coma begin.

3. When I Googled “Snakebites”, I found they’re illegal to serve in Britain because they are too effective at making people drunk. Who lives in England? Is this true? I need to know.

4. I love reading the weird search terms people use to find my blog. Some of my favorites:

-Shut your pie hole recipe (I don’t remember posting that)
-Jobless and in need of a Christmas present for my daughter (Um…how sad is this?)
-Best yoga pants pictures (Yeah, that sounds about right)
-“Head feels so much lighter” (I like the addition of quotes)
-5 easy ways to gain weight (I hate the seven people that searched that)
-Sweat soaked girl sock (Um…ew?)
-I hate my legs (Why? They hold you up!)
-Slow cats Athena (Hey, my cat isn’t slow!)
-Hair cut for peanut shaped face (I would be mad if I could stop laughing)

5. I wish I had a legitimate day off before holiday festivities begin. I know I said I don’t feel overworked, but I reeeally want a day to myself.

6. I decided to make soft pretzels for my food gift exchanges following AB’s recipe. I watched the Good Eats episode last week and shouted at the TV screen when he tried to use lye to boil the pretzels. AB was just trying to prove a point; I should have known better.

7. Every December, due to excitement and whatnot, I lose weight. I guess the truffles haven’t caught up with me; I’ve lost seven pounds so far this month. Finally going back to normal! Sheesh.

8. I have decided to try not to be too excited for Christmas, so I don’t get the post-holiday blues. But I’m so looking forward to seeing Dave’s family again, seeing both the Bains and the Leahys, and celebrating Aurelia’s first Christmas with her. What a lovely season.


9. Looking for a gift for the hipster on your list? Look no further.

10. There’s supposed to be a ginormous snowstorm coming Thursday to dump 10.6″ of snow on Green Bay. I do want a white Christmas, but I’ve already imagined sliding off the road multiple times. I need a paper bag to breathe into, because it’s seriously stressing me out.


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