Dave Cooked Again!

I love to cook, but I think I like to eat more. Therefore, it’s awesome when Dave has the time and energy to make dinner for us.

After I got home from working at the cafe yesterday, I felt like putting on yoga pants and doing nothing for the rest of the night. Instead, I put on Home Alone 2 from the part I fell asleep and wrapped all of our Christmas presents. The tree looks so much nicer with wrapped presents under it than boxes and plastic bags.


While I wrapped, Dave thawed a whole chicken and put together a Thanksgiving-like feast for us to enjoy.


Who doesn’t love cooking in their pajamas? Especially when this is the result.


Roasted chicken with gravy, seasoned mashed potatoes (I did help with this part), and sauteed veggies with balsamic. I think sauteed balsamic veggies are my second favorite cooked veggies, next to roasted. I can even eat those chopped peas, carrots, and corn vegetable mixes that I usually hate when they’re prepared with balsamic.

We ate dinner while watching Love Actually. I wanted to choke the skinny-necked girl again, and Dave almost cried at the end again. I also fell asleep when we put a new movie on. Again. December is my month for sleeping!


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