Food Bump?

My mom asked the other week if I’ve still been exercising. I have, but lately I haven’t had the energy to post about my workouts (or much of anything else) due to the two jobs and shortened hours of light. Why does the darkness zap me of ambition to wear anything but yoga pants and do anything besides read or watch TV when I’m not at work?

Also, the fact that three people have now asked if I’m pregnant makes posting my workouts and healthy eating tips feel a little worthless. I…I…no comment.

Here’s what I’ve been doing lately (five days a week): Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 and No More Trouble Zones, Bob Harper’s 30 minute Cardio Conditioning, Chris Freytag’s 10 Pound Slimdown workouts (via YouTube), and a mixture of my own circuit workouts while watching an episode of Friends. 🙂

Since I haven’t felt like cooking much lately, I’ve been eating lots of egg sandwiches, sauteed veggies in balsamic vinegar, soup, and having quite a few mini European dinner nights (basically a mishmash of fruit, veggies, fish, cheese, and crackers or popcorn).

Yesterday, my entire food intake was 75% vegetables, which was nearly negated by the fact that my dinner was Jalapeno Pretzel Poppers at the movie theater and three dark chocolate Hershey kisses later that night.

My sisters and I went to see Breaking Dawn: Part 2 yesterday evening. I knew there was a twist ending and, frankly, I thought the movie’s ending was much more satisfying than the book’s.

Before you get on your high horse to tell me that Twilight is a load of rubbish, I’m going to play my English degree card. I have studied and enjoyed everything from Anne of Green Gables to A Tale of Two Cities. All together, I have read more books than most of the American population. I’ve thrown books in the dumpster because I couldn’t imagine inflicting them on anyone else in the world. I think the Twilight series is interesting. Deal with it.

Okay, rant over.

I’ve been trying to use up the rest of the produce in our house before it goes bad, so I had an apple for both breakfast and lunch today.

I’ve noticed they start to get mealy a lot quicker when they’re not in the refrigerator. Our lone green pepper was also starting to look a bit sad, so I decided to end its misery by sauteeing it with a half a red onion and some mushrooms to make a pita pizza.

I didn’t want to make a huge batch of pizza sauce for one small pizza, so I used pesto as my base and topped it with mozzarella, the veggies, feta cheese, and some anchovy stuffed olives. Baked at 450 degrees for 15 minutes.

And now I’m going to go sit on the couch and bask in the beauty of our tree in all its jellyfish glory.


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