Decorating Frenzy

The last two days started exactly the same: work in the cafe from 9-2pm, come home, and go look for a tree.

Unfortunately, Saturday’s adventures did not end well. Dave and I intended to cut our own tree this year because we like it up the whole month of December, and a freshly cut tree has less of a chance to dry out and become a fire hazard. We Googled our way to a Christmas tree farm online, but the GPS got us lost, and we had to turn back when it got dark.

We came home feeling a bit defeated but excited to put up our garland. Except the garland didn’t light up. None of the three strands. So we made our way to Menard’s to search for three strands and only found one left. Target’s was almost double the price. Luckily, we finally struck gold at Hobby Lobby and came home with four strands. We strung lights around the garland and put up our tiny village to give our apartment a little Christmas.

Since neither of us felt like cooking, and we wanted a break from Thanksgiving leftovers, we ordered pizza from a new (well, new to us) place my Dad told me about: Glass Nickel Pizza Company. I chose the Fetalicious pizza: chunky tomato sauce topped with spinach leaves, red onion, tomatoes, mushrooms, and house blend a feta cheeses.

Dave chose the Chicken Cordon Bleu for a bit of something different: honey mustard sauce and house blend cheese with ham, chicken tenders, and swiss cheese.

We never order pizza for takeout, but this place may be our go-to when we decide to: Glass Nickel Pizza Company is a winner so far. Both pizzas were delicious, and I loved the fact that we could order online using their online coupon codes. Though not as cheap as a chain restaurant like Domino’s, they were cheaper than Topper’s in Green Bay.

I went to bed Saturday night after watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and I came home from work on Sunday to try to hunt down our tree once more. This time, I wrote directions down using the website and Google maps, and we headed out.

After forty minutes, success! Tillman’s Christmas Trees.

The place wasn’t huge, but they had a fine selection of trees and even offered horse-drawn wagon rides for families who wanted the full experience.

I just wanted a picture of the horses. 🙂

Dave and I have different ideas of what the “perfect tree” is, but we came to an agreement pretty quickly after several ‘maybes’ and quite a few ‘nos.’

Tillman’s provided hand saws, and Dave had the tree cut down in no time. Then he picked it up like it was a rag doll and walked it back to the beginning of the lot to be wrapped in twine.

The drive home was wonderful, because the tree filled the car with its wonderful piney aroma. Next to old book scent, I would also like to bottle Christmas tree perfume. Ahhh.

We put Trading Places on while we decorated the tree with lights and ornaments. We bought new LED lights this year to lower our energy bill, and though I’m very pleased with how they look, they don’t photograph quite as nicely.

Dave declared it our “best tree yet!” and I’d have to agree. We weren’t allowed to have real trees at our first two apartments, which resulted in a pretty skimpy fake tree the first two years.

Still, you can cover almost anything in tree lights and it will be pretty.

After we decorated the tree, I reheated pizza up for dinner again. Just as good!


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