A Thankful Heart

Yesterday was exhausting. I like to take the whole day to bake pies so I don’t have to rush, but a half shift at work and a trip to two jam-packed grocery stores made my starting time less than ideal.

I did dishes about six times, because I had to keep reusing the same bowls every time I started over. When I was finally done at 7:00pm, I drank a bottle of wine while Dave worked on his breads for Thanksgiving: Spinach Feta Rolls and French Farmhouse Bread (seasoned with Herbs de Provence.). I would have paid for the aromas alone.

I woke up early this morning and made myself a pot of Gingerbread coffee and contemplated my day–a day dotted with family and friends that others often dread, but I look forward to immensely. A family that I love to hang out with–that is definitely something to be thankful for.

Cooking all day. Sitting down together for a meal that has taken hours to prepare and is consumed in ten minutes. Somehow, on Thanksgiving, it’s worth it.


Other things make it worth it.

1) My purring kitties.

2) Hugs from Dave.

3) Freshly baked bread.

4) Mom’s overwhelming positiveness.


5) Dad laughing so hard his face turns red.


6) A mug of hot coffee or tea.

7) Siblings that are best friends.


8) Good food.

9) A bank account with more than $10.

10) Friends that are family.

11) Aurelia.

12) Heart-wrenching books.

13) Yoga pants.

14) Chances.


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