Today I’m thankful for my husband. Sure he’s funny. Yes, he’s smart, too. And kinda cute. But he also makes me bread.


And that, my friends, a winner makes.

Last week, one of my go-to food bloggers posted a recipe of pesto and cheese swirled bread. I immediately turned around and said, “Daaaave, how come you never made me pesto swirled bread? I want some!”

Apparently whining gets you everywhere. Noted. Dave even took pictures of the process for those of you who want to take on the task yourself. As for me, I’ll leave it to the baker.


He started out with a basic French bread recipe seasoned with herbs.


He divided the bread into three strips which he then rolled out.


Topped with pesto.


And sprinkled with smoked cheddar cheese made with goat’s milk.


He pinched the three strands together at the top.


And started braiding.


I think I would wear that as a necklace.


But Dave had more delicious plans. He let it rise for another hour before baking.


And I came home after work to this.

My name is Chelsea, and I’m a carboholic. My husband supports me entirely.


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