Thursday Things

1. The only fruit I consumed this whole week (unless you count the grapes in my wine) were the itty bitty dried blueberries inside my bagel this morning and the low sugar jam with which I slathered it. Is it Friday yet?

2. My toenail has been purple since Warrior Dash. At first I thought it was mud, then I thought my toenail was going to fall off. But it’s been almost three months, so I think it just wants to be fabulous.

3. I did Bob Harper’s Totally Ripped Core bonus video (12 minutes) after my cardio workout this morning. I didn’t like it either. šŸ˜¦

4. Skyfall comes out tomorrow! I was slightly hesitant about Daniel Craig taking the glass at first, but he is firmly entrenched in my mind as James Bond now. I just hope the movie is more like Casino Royale and less like Quantum of Solace.

I wonder if I can sneak a martini to the movie….

5. I got a new part-time job yesterday working at a cozy cafe near my apartment. Since I only work part-time at the hospital, I wanted something to fill in my time and pockets until I’m able to find a full-time job. I start next week, and I’m actually looking forward to the cafe atmosphere again. It’s been eight years since I worked in a cafe. I don’t feel old enough to have worked anywhere eight years ago. Aren’t I eighteen?

6. Because everysinglebloodything seems to keep me awake at night, even the sound of Dave breathing, I decided to try out some silicone earplugs last night. Unfortunately, they only worked if I was perfectly still; even a slight movement of my head resulted in an avalanche noise inside my ears. I removed them after about 30 seconds.

Luckily the back of the package warned me, in all caps: DO NOT JERK OUT OF EAR OR PERMANENT HEARING LOSS MAY OCCUR. Slightly alarming.

7. The Kitty Tower has fallen, but they refuse to leave their post.

Poor kitties. At least I know what to get them for Christmas.

8. I watched two Thanksgiving movies this week because, by George, it is November, and Santa will have his day in the sun. I highly recommend Home for the Holidays and Pieces of AprilĀ for families who put the fun in dysfunctional. (Hey, I think I know a family like that…)

9. Speaking of Thanksgiving, have you seen this sign from Nordstrom’s?

What do you think about Nordstrom’s idea?


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