The Wine Day

So, remember that cheesecake recipe I shared yesterday? Go make it. Now. You won’t be disappointed.

I actually spliced two recipes together and tweaked the crust, because I thought the original recipe would have been much too rich (the crust alone called for 1/2 cup butter and 1/4 cup added sugar with the vanilla wafers crumbs). No complaints from my family. It got glowing reviews….yay!

Yesterday was a bit of a strange day, but ended up being quite nice. I headed over to the meet-up place, my grandma’s house, around 11:00am and sat down with my sister, aunt, and grandma to watch one of the first holiday  movies of the year on the Hallmark channel. Apparently it’s that time already.

My sister had set up an appointment for my mom to get her hair cut and colored which took longer than expected, so the whole gang didn’t leave together until about 1:00pm. First we headed to LedgeStone Vineyards. It was a quaint little place a ways out in the country with a cluster of wine barrels by which I insisted I take my parent’s picture.


LedgeStone makes several bottles of wine themselves, some with their own grapes and some with grapes shipped in from Washington. They also have a selection of imported wine.

Most of the wines for sale looked to be in the $20-$40 dollar range. The boys sat out this round.

The wine tasting itself consisted of 6 tastes of wine for $5. Each pour was about an ounce.


I ended up falling in love with the Monarch Syrah which had a black pepper finish to it. I knew it would be perfect for a wine and cheese or European dinner night so I bought a bottle at $24 to take home with me. I was also very fond of LedgeStone’s own creations made with Frontenac grapes, but those bottles were a little pricier.



The atmosphere of the place was nice; it was small but cozy, and there were plenty of chairs. I asked the owner’s daughter whether they served dinner, but she said they had live music on the weekends.

After we left LedgeStone, we headed back into Green Bay to meet up with my husband Dave and my sister’s friends Doreen and Lisa at Captain’s Walk Winery.


This building has a rich history, being the third oldest building in Green Bay, and it seemed to center around its wine tastings.

There was a separate room with a bar and three long group tables for the event. We were each given a brochure of all the wines available and asked to mark seven that we would like to try. I stuck with the drys and reds, those being my favorite, and threw in a port for good measure.


Our sommelier brought out larger tumblers when we got to the reds and did a lovely job of managing with such a large group.


I liked quite a few of the wines I tried, and the prices of the bottle had a large range, from $14-$60 dollars.


One that Dave and I both enjoyed immensely was the Captain’s Red, which I ended up purchasing for $14. I gave it 9 out of 10; he gave it three noms.

After we left Captain’s Walk, we were still in the mood for wine tasting but we were also quite hungry. I hadn’t eaten anything at this point besides a banana since we started later than I thought, so I could feel the wine going to my head. We decided to head over to Kavarna for a bit of a late lunch/early dinner around 4:00pm.


I got the Orange Spice black tea to drink, which was delicious. Almost as good as my mom’s, but not quite.

I ordered the Warm Feta Portabella salad with the dressing on the side. Warm salads are so much more appealing to me now than cold ones. I’ve ordered this salad in the past, and it was just as tasty, perhaps even more so since I was so hungry.

We planned to head to the Bottle Room next but, after a quick phone call, discovered they didn’t do wine tastings. We decided to head back to my grandma’s since we didn’t want to end the night just yet.

Mom opened her presents and was hopefully not faking delighted at the gift from Dave & I: the complete series of the Gilmore Girls. After she opened her presents we talked, played cards, and tried to decide on a movie to watch. Then Mom and Dad went to Papa Murphy’s and chaos ensued.

I turned on the oven to preheat, and five minutes later, my cousin walked in with a lost dog he had found wandering the streets. My sister and I went to pet it, and I thought “Why does the dog smell like smoke?”  It turned out that my grandma had left a rag in the bottom of the oven from cleaning it earlier and it was burning to a crisp, filling the house up with smoke. We quickly opened up the windows and door to air out the place, while my cousin brought the dog downstairs to give it a bath.

Eating pizza and cheesecake brought the night to an end at about 10:00pm. It was a strange but lovely day, and all because of my mother.

Thanks for being born, Mom! 🙂



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