Dirty Day

I spoke too soon. My car wouldn’t start again this morning. 😦

I bought it used five and a half years ago, and it has given me relatively little trouble until this year. I’m not sure if it’s time to put it to rest yet, but I’m getting tired of being stranded. Luckily, my family has been great about helping me out so I didn’t have to rent a car or a taxi yet (although I did take a ride in a tow truck a few months ago…).

I came home not hungry for the first time in ages! For lunch, I heated up two slices of leftover pizza, and I can say with certainty that pretzel dough pizza crust reheats beautifully. I also had a pear and snacked on a bag of salted peanuts later. All the protein must have kept me full.

So instead of sharing a meal tonight, I’m going to share my recipe for the perfect dirty martini.


What you’ll need:


  • Gin (New Amsterdam is a regular for everyday martinis, otherwise Tanqueray is my gin of choice)
  • Vermouth (Dave and I have both agreed that cheaper vermouth actually tastes better in martinis–we usually buy Gallo brand)
  • Olives (regular queen for everyday martinis, but occasionally we’ll buy bleu cheese or garlic stuffed)
  • Lemon juice (a new ingredient I have grown to love in my martinis. It softens the sharpness of the olive juice nicely)


  • A martini shaker
  • 1.5 oz jigger
  • Martini glass

Fill your martini shaker about 1/3 full of ice cubes.


Add two jiggers of gin (3 oz) to martini shaker.


Followed by one jigger about 1/5 to 1/4 full of Vermouth.

And one jigger filled about 1/5 to 1/4 full of olive juice.


Add a drop of lemon juice to your martini shaker, cover, and shake vigorously.

Pour into a martini glass with two speared olives.




There are many schools of thought on what constitutes the perfect dirty martini. It was rumored that Winston Churchill made a martini by filling a glass with gin, looking at a bottle of vermouth, and drinking.

I have certainly adjusted my taste over the last couple years. I use less vermouth, less olive juice, and add a tiny hint of lemon juice. And right now, this is my perfect dirty martini.




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