Back on Track

So….I decided to start 30 Day Shred over.

You can pretend to act surprised now.

I always forget how hard it is to start over. Once I’m actually in the exercise groove, it’s easy. Exercise becomes such an ingrained part of my day that I don’t question it. But once I let it slip a few times, it’s oh-so-easy to keep hitting the snooze button which usually leads to me skipping breakfast and lunch and eating a big dinner.

Truth be told, I think I got a little overenthusiastic this year, which ultimately led to my downfall. I really got into exercising every single day until something inside me snapped. The same thing happened to me in 2010 when I dropped down to 118 pounds from mostly dieting. I seem to have trouble with the concept of stability, and I definitely need help in that department.

(Hmm, maybe I should start a blog where I document my food and exercise every day–that should give me some stability!)

Here are some of the things I’ve been eating lately:


Scrambled egg whites, spinach, and a diced Roma tomato with sprouted seven-grain bread.


Eggplant Pomodoro with Anchovies and sprouted rye bread. Yes, that’s the second time I’ve made this in a week. That’s how good it is!


Roasted veggies (sweet potato, red pepper, cabbage, broccoli, and onion) with shredded Fenugreek Jack goat cheese and Greek yogurt.

When I re-started 30 Day Shred this morning, I turned the sound completely off on the video and played some OK Go in the background instead. Great idea! I know Level 1 so well now that I think I’ll just do it for a week and tack the three extra days onto Level 2.

After I was done, I concocted a wonderful open-faced breakfast sandwich.


I started with a slice of toasted Cybros Sprouted Seven Grain Bread.

This is pretty much the only kind of bread Dave and I buy now other than artisan. Once you get used to homemade bread or bakery bread, it’s reeeeally hard to go back. Cybros does the trick for me for sliced bread; it has a lot more flavor and is so much better for you than your standard grocery store brand of sliced bread.

I topped the toast with some mashed avocado (frozen and reheated in the microwave).

I have been cutting up avocados and freezing them ever since I found out it was acceptable. We tend to buy a few avocados at a time, but I never eat a whole one at once and they get brown very quickly. I had the grand idea to put the frozen chunks in smoothies, but I haven’t been feeling smoothies ever since Wisconsin decided that the normal fall temperature this year was going to be 40 degrees.


Then I layered on the last two slices of Morning Star veggie bacon.

I was thinking about ordering humane-certified pork online since I couldn’t find it at the Farmer’s Market, but I just found that the grocery store near us is finally selling Applegate Farms bacon–score! Next Wednesday is the last Farmer’s Market so I intend to go and stock up on meat for our freezer, but it’s nice to know I still have a few options at the grocery store.


I topped the bacon with an egg-white patty, which I made by microwaving 3 tbsp of liquid egg whites with salt and pepper in a ramekin sprayed with non-stick cooking spray.

Naturally, I topped the egg patty with cheese: sharp cheddar, because who wants mild cheddar cheese? Not this girl.


And to finish it off, a zig zag of Sriracha!


And that, my friends, is an ultimate breakfast sandwich.




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