Walking Through October

With a three and a half hour drive ahead of us, I’m sure glad I got some moving in today.

After exercising, doing laundry, and packing, I set out for a lovely fall walk with my sister Moriah, who just happened to be babysitting our niece Aurelia.

After Moriah bundled her up, we set off on the city sidewalks. Note: people are more likely to slow down for you when you have a stroller. I will have to keep this in mind. Maybe I’ll start walking around with an empty stroller so people move aside for me on the trail.


I brought my camera along to take some photos of the gorgeous fall colors. You never know; someday we might be subject to a world with no Octobers! Then everyone will be begging for pictures of the last October in 2012.


Perhaps the only thing marring this trees’ beauty was the presence of power lines…but I like electricity as well as the next person.


The temperature has dropped about 20 degrees in the last day; it felt more like a late October night than an early October day, and I got excited thinking about taking Aurelia trick-or-treating when she gets older.


I could just picture her dressed up like a pumpkin or a fairy princess or Batgirl, flying down the sidewalk with a trick or treat pail in hand.

Maybe that’s the most fun thing about having kids: getting to relive your childhood through someone else.




Even more fun when it’s your niece or nephew, and you get to send them home after they go into a sugar coma from eating too many caramel apple suckers and fun size Snickers bars.


I hope it’s not the last October.


See you on Sunday!


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