Time After Time

When I was young, time couldn’t go fast enough.

Certainly I was enjoying being a kid, but I had so many things to look forward to.

Meeting new friends, going to high school, dating, learning to drive, starting college, getting married, finding a job, all those things that growing up entails.

I got tired of my parents and their friends talking about how fast time went. “The last time I saw you, you were only four! How old are we?”

Then I got older.

I learned to drive. I graduated from college. I met the best friends. I met the best man.

I married him.

Two years ago today.

And now I know exactly what my parents mean. It’s not necessarily that time speeds up.

But moments start to have more meaning as you get older. And we want to hold on to those moments for a little bit longer than we’re allowed.

People we love leave us. Sometimes they move away, sometimes they pass away, and we must give up all those beautiful moments we are used to having with them.

We start to get everything we want out of life, and once we have it, we don’t want to let it go. Instead of looking forward to the future, we start to enjoy the present, and it is so much harder to grab onto as it flies by.

Two years ago today, I had my dream wedding. It was small and intimate. It was nothing Iike I thought, and it was everything I wanted.

I had a green dress, hand made for me by my sister Emily. Flowers (and nearly everything else) designed by my mom. A guest book made from a log my dad cut. Hand-calligraphed wedding invitations by my sister Moriah.

The best photographer: my father-in-law. Two new sisters. The best mother-in-law anyone could hope to have. The best food (no fried chicken!), the best location (can’t you tell?), the best friends, and the best family.

I even had my favorite band, Solace (formed by my brother and two of my best friends). We didn’t have a lot of money (ie, the small wedding), but it didn’t matter: the wedding was beyond perfect.

It didn’t matter, because I found him. The one who would make me tea when I’m sick (and even when I’m not sick). The one who would stand in line for Harry Potter movies with me. Talk in an Irish accent to cheer me up. Buy me Burt’s Bees or chocolate when he goes to the store. Go hiking on my birthday, even though he hates to hike. All those little things that make for a big life together.

Two years ago, I looked like a damn fairy princess.

Two years ago, I married my best friend.

Two years, and doesn’t it go by in a blink?


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