What a Weekend

Being sick did not lend itself to a fantastic night’s sleep after the rehearsal. But I powered through the weekend with Dayquil, Pepto, Cough Drops, and Nyquil (note: waaaay more drugs than I usually take).

Saturday morning, the girls met bright and early at the salon for hair and makeup.

Amanda, Annie, Tricia, and the lovely bride Emily

We were scheduled to be at the salon from 9:00-11:30am so breakfast there was a necessity. Tricia brought some fruit skewers and delicious Earl Grey Tea bread with a honey cream cheese spread.

And I brought fixings for Mango-Orange Mimosas. Mango Orange juice just tastes so much better to me than regular OJ.

Fortunately, the salon staggered the order in which we got our hair done, so a couple of the girls could run and get coffee for all, as well. A morning without coffee isn’t a morning at all.

We had lots of time to chat and tell stories, which was great because I got to know the bridesmaids even better. Even though I knew them all beforehand, we are scattered across the country and don’t see each other very often at all.

Emily had the coolest wedding shoes I have ever seen. You Whovians will love this (haven’t started watching yet): Emily had a Tardis on the bottom of one of her shoes as her ‘something blue!’

The bride and I were the only ones who elected to get our makeup done. Since I didn’t get my hair or makeup done for my own wedding (my sister did my hair and I did my own makeup), I felt like splurging.

Emily looked absolutely gorgeous; she doesn’t wear much makeup (doesn’t need to!), and basically just looked like a more glamorous version of her usual beautiful self.

I was not nearly as happy with the way my own makeup turned out; I wanted to look just a step above natural and ended up looking way too done up for my own personal tastes. But I didn’t have the time or energy to time to fix it–we headed off to the church with just an hour to get dressed and ready.

It seemed like a perfect amount of time–until the pull broke off my zipper, and I was left standing in the bathroom half naked waiting for my mom and sister to come up with a brilliant plan to save my dress. After about forty minutes of panic, my sister finally used a corsage pin to hold my dress together. I will never again buy a dress with an invisible zipper–hate those!

We even had time for a few pictures before the ceremony began! It was a wonderful ceremony, and I couldn’t stop myself from tearing up just a little. After having had the pleasure of seeing Em and Dan’s relationship for five years, I was so incredibly happy to see them showing their commitment to the world.

Post-ceremony, we were picked up by a limo and headed to Dan’s parent’s greenhouse for some beautiful pictures among wildflowers and their vineyard. The last time I was in a limo was for junior prom in high school–this was so much better!


Now introducing….Mr. and Mrs. Kiefer! So weird to say that.


The girls bouquets held up excellently; the corsages never do: hugging does not lend itself to pretty flowers. But a sad corsage at the end of a wedding is a sign that the wearer is beloved. I think it’s a good thing.

After photos, we arrived at the reception.



A beautiful Lemon Raspberry cake greeted us.


Each table setting was adorned with homemade Strawberry jam for favors. A fabulous idea. Unfortunately, as I couldn’t ‘jam’ it in my purse right away (heh), I forgot mine on the table. 😦


Dinner at the Wellington was phenomenal. The porcini dusted walleye was fantastic and the green beans very good, but the mashed potatoes were really the star of the show. They were more like smashed potatoes; although incredibly creamy, they had bits of potato skin swirled in–my favorite way to eat mashed potatoes.

I’m really going to have to get used to ‘Emily Kiefer’ instead of ‘Emily Osby.’

Once the band came out, the dance floor was hopping.



Need I say more?






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