The wedding rehearsal last night was a great success! I got to meet even more of Dan and Em’s family, as well as everyone involved in the couple’s big day.


After we ran through the wedding procession, we hung around the church for a while discussing the proper term for a flute player. Flutist? Flautist? Fluter? I like flautist, because I think it sounds fancier…but, then again, I don’t play flute. After many other discussions, we headed to one of my favorite restaurants for the rehearsal dinner: St. Brendan’s!


It was such a beautiful evening with a phenomenal sunset. And it was so fun to be part of a dinner where everything had been ordered in advance, so we didn’t have to break our wonderful conversation and laughter with anything. Dan and Emily looked so happy together all night–I remember that feeling of euphoria well!

The food was fantastic. We were started with a very nice salad.

Way to go, St. Brendan’s! No iceberg lettuce. 🙂 Then the main course we had ordered previous to coming was set before us. I chose the salmon….I have a weakness for it.


It was covered in a thick and savory cream sauce that brightened the whole dish. I rarely ever use heavy cream, so this was a real treat. But another unexpected treat came soon after…dessert!


Apple Crisp with Maple Nut ice cream. A perfectly sweet end to the meal. After dinner, Em and Dan graced us with unnecessary (but much appreciated) gifts–cranberry-colored cashmere scarves for the girls and engraved flasks for the boys.


I am so lucky to be a bridesmaid for this wonderful woman!

Now I’m off to the salon for hair and makeup…with mimosa fixings in tow, of course. 🙂

Happy Wedding Day, Dan & Emily!



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