Sister Day

I had the day off today, and my sister Emily asked me if I wanted to go shopping with her. A chance to see my sister and my charming niece Aurelia was much too good to pass up.

I love this girl so much. She just keeps getting better and better. It’s so cool to see a personality developing in her right before my very eyes.

Emily and I hit Target and Goodwill first, where she was responsible for not letting me into the book section and I was responsible for not letting her into the Halloween section. We both did a bang-up job and ended up only with clothes. Then we headed to Panera for lunch.  Panera is one of my favorite (and one of the cheapest) places to eat near the mall; that’s why I ended up here twice within two weeks!

I started off with a wild blueberry scone and some coffee.


The coffee was perfect. I haven’t been sleeping well lately, so I definitely needed the extra jolt of caffeine.


The blueberry scone was quite good, a bit dry and crumbly (eh, it’s a scone), but very flavorful. I ended up eating only half during lunch, then the other half for an afternoon snack. I wanted to save room for my main course.

Garden Vegetable Soup with Pesto and a Multigrain Baguette. My soup was smiling at me!

I’m not sure if it was on purpose or not; one of the servers was very apologetic because my order came up wrong the first time as a Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich. I do love that sandwich, but it was so chilly out that I really wanted the soup.

Then it was off to the mall for Emily to find shoes and jewelry for the upcoming wedding of my best friends Emily O. (not to be confused with my sister) and Dan. This was a day-long extravaganza. The styles of women change through the ages but men stay generally the same, thus the selection of women’s clothing is much more difficult to maneuver. Fortunately, we were successful in finding Em some kick-ass shoes and fabulous jewelry to go with her dress.

She spent a little while hanging out at my apartment before heading out with Baby A. Then I was off again to the store–the bride and bridesmaids are getting our hair and makeup done this Saturday morning before the wedding, and mimosas are a must (because Bloody Mary’s would be a bit too involved…).


Here’s something Dave was surprised to find out last week: I’m not really a huge fan of orange juice. Firstly, I prefer to eat my fruit rather than drink it. When I do drink orange juice, I like the pulpiest I can find, because it’s closer to eating the actual fruit. Secondly, I kissed a guy once after he had drunk a Screwdriver.His mouth tasted terrible, and I threw up afterwards. Coincidence? I don’t know. But I never go out of my way to drink it.

But Mango Orange Juice with some bubbly? I’m all over that like white on rice.

(Note: my posts have been and will continue to be sparse until the Wedding Extravaganza is over! I’m heading over to my parents tomorrow night to get an early start on the wedding flowers Friday morning and the wedding fun will continue until Sunday!)



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