Live and Learn

Sometimes I get pissed that I wasn’t born skinny. That I literally have to work my ass off most days of the week just to maintain a healthy weight for my body type. That I have to consistently monitor my food intake or I run the risk of gaining weight faster than the speed of light.

Most days, I don’t complain about it. Millions of other people are in the same boat I am. And even those who were born naturally thin are probably tired of people like me calling them out for something they have no control over.

I was in one of those whiny moods this morning. Do I hafta work out? I’m tired of my routine. Can’t I shake things up by eating a fattening breakfast, lounging around, and reading until it’s time to go to work? Oh, and be fit, too?



I sucked it up, put on my exercise clothes, and did Level 1 of Shred-It with Weights. Then I made myself an unfattening breakfast that was unfortunately subpar. 😦

I used Hungry Girl’s Homemade Blueberry Pancake Recipe, and, despite my addition of cinnamon, it wasn’t very flavorful at all.

Oats, egg whites, milk, cottage cheese, flour, water, a pinch of salt, and blueberries went into the mix. (Here’s where I should have added some Stevia, I think).

Then I pan fried for about 3-4 minutes on each side.

And I served it with two strips of Morning Star Veggie Bacon.

I prefer these bacon slices crumbled up in recipes as opposed to eating them straight, but I wanted some extra protein with my breakfast. Next time, I’m going to stick with my easy and delicious oatmeal pancake that just calls for oats, an egg, and a mashed banana. So much better!

Oh, well. Hope you all have a great Saturday!


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