Keep Walkin’

It’s official. I’m a shoe pansy. I walked around in my super cool, super high heels for half an hour yesterday morning, then promptly took them off to return them.

I knew if I couldn’t last a half hour in them, there was no way I was going to last through an entire wedding from the beginning of the ceremony to the end of the reception. Dancing? Fuhgeddaboutit. I was sad to see them go, but I can’t subscribe to the ‘beauty is pain’ mantra yet.

I tried a few other shoe stores in the mall before ending up with a pair I tried at Payless yesterday. (The ones I got were black, not fuschia, but I couldn’t find a picture online).

I don’t feel nearly as tall and powerful in these, but hopefully they will be much more comfortable. When I got home after running errands yesterday, I tried on my shoes with the whole getup and was just as happy with my dress choice today as I was yesterday.

Here’s the one I came home with.

The collar of the dress eliminated the need for a necklace, so instead I picked up these cool chainmail-like earrings to go with it.


Now I’m all set to go! I still had energy to burn when I got home, and I really wanted to go for a walk while listening to one of my audiobooks. Unfortunately, after playing around with Itunes, I still can’t get my Nano to upload any of them. Grr. I was so frustrated I ended up staying home and organizing my closet instead. (Does anyone else have a Nano with audiobooks on it? If so, I need your help)!

After turning my closet into a somewhat respectable location again, I finally completed another task I’ve had for the past year–tracing our wedding guestbook with a permanent marker. See, I had this idea to use a huge log slice as our wedding guestbook, which Dave and I engraved a tree with our names and wedding date on. We bought paint pens for the guests to sign with, but they unfortunately did not show up as well as we hoped.


I even traced over the indecipherable comments like ‘SLER.’ I thought this might have been an acronym for something, but after a quick Google search, I don’t think anyone meant to write ‘Signal to Listener Echo Ratio’ or ‘Soil Liner Evaluation Report.’

Although I was ready to cook something for dinner last night, I went into indecisive mode and could not figure out what I wanted. So after Dave got home from work, I poured myself  a drink instead and watched Friends until we finally decided to go pick up grocery store sushi.


Festival is getting so much better and more adventurous with their sushi. So am I–I tried some of the octopus salad Dave picked out even though octopi freak me out. The flavor was actually quite good, the texture very firm and chewy, and had I not envisioned whipping tentacles, I may have eaten more.

Question of the weekend: What do you think SLER stands for?


Any and all answers will be considered.



One thought on “Keep Walkin’

  1. Sudden Love Explosion Ray (it’s a gun. for shooting love rays. Dr. Horrible may have written that.)

    Hurray for the dress! That’s the one I liked best out of your photos – you’re going to look fabulous.

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