Shopping with Mum

I mentioned earlier this week that I usually don’t like shopping unless I have a specific purpose. When I do have a specific purpose and I have money in my wallet, I’m golden.

Two of my best friends are getting married next weekend (where did the time go?!), and I am lucky enough to be standing up in their wedding as a bridesmaid. I am beyond excited for this wedding. The only problem? Until today, I didn’t have a dress. I don’t always procrastinate (insert Dos Equis joke here), but somehow time got away from me this summer.

My friends are pretty low-key so instead of asking us to buy floor length ball gowns, they told us girls to just wear a black cocktail dress of our choice. Since it was raining today, my mom, who works outside, had the day off and asked if I wanted a shopping buddy. Second opinions are always a good idea.

I did Level 1 of Shred it With Weights before Mum came to pick me up. Since neither of us had eaten breakfast, we headed for some lunch fuel first at Panera.

I’d been craving French Onion soup for awhile now, so I went for the ‘You Pick Two:’ a cup of French Onion soup, a half a Greek Salad (my fav), and a multigrain baguette.


The warm soup hit the spot.

And the Greek Salad never disappoints. I don’t even need to tell you if I liked the bread: I’m a carboholic.

After lunch, we headed to the mall. I haven’t been there in such a long time that a lot of the stores had changed! We started out at Younkers, because they usually have nice ‘social occasion’ dresses.


Though they had plenty of black dresses to choose from, I wasn’t in love with any of them. The ones I did like were just a little bit more than I wanted to spend (around $100). So we left Younkers keeping a couple in the back of our mind.

Right outside of Younkers, we headed to Dress Barn. I usually avoid this store, because I hate the name. Sorry marketing team, women don’t like to be reminded of mud pies when they’re trying on dresses. I guess their style of clothes keep them in business: every single dress I tried on, my Mom and I loved.


Even better, they were all between $50 and $60 dollars, perfect for my stingy self! We narrowed it down to two but couldn’t decide, so we finally asked for help from two of the sales clerks. They were unanimous in their choice, and once I had the dress, everything fell into place. Cute shoes on clearance for $21.00. Earrings that were funky yet elegant. We even stopped to get one of my guilty pleasures: a Gloria Jean coffee chiller.

I was so excited about the seasonal Caramel Apple Nut flavor that I drank most of my chiller before taking a photo. Bad food blogger!

Mom and I ran a few more errands before she dropped me off at home, and I had to wait awhile to get hungry again–that chiller filled me up! Dinner was quick and easy.

A fried egg and roasted red pepper on a multigrain English muffin topped with cream cheese and pesto.

And steamed vegetables on the side, seasoned with lemon juice, basil salt, garlic granules, and pepper.

Thanks for the lovely day, Mum!





2 thoughts on “Shopping with Mum

  1. Which one which one?!? The suspense is killing me! Way to go, Dress Barn, by the way. TERRIBLE name, but all those dresses do look great on you.

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