In My Not So Humble Opinion

I know I’m biased about chili. I’m sure yours is good.

I just like mine best.

Heavy on the beans, heavy on the spice, light on the meat.


Add sharp cheddar and some good bread, and I’m all set.

Well, set after I had the second bowl. Hey, I gave up chocolate this week. Trading sugar for spice means my pants zipper will still thank me for the extra room.



Fall Whispers

After a week spent with Bob, I was ready to go back to a less intense (and much shorter) workout with Jillian.


I only did Level 1 this morning, and here’s why.

Last night, after eating dinner, Dave and I stayed up to watch Back to the Future 2 and 3. He had never seen the second one before, and, even though it’s my least favorite of the trilogy, it was necessary. When we started the third one, I was ready for my ‘something sweet,’ and we pulled out this Archer Farms Creme Brulee package that had been sitting in our freezer for months now, waiting to try.


The flavor was good, but we somehow managed to overcook the custard so that the consistency resembled scrambled eggs more than creamy custard. I’ll stick with Archer Farms gelato as my favorite of their desserts so far, but at least we got some sweet ramekins out of the deal. After eating the creme brulee, my stomach was not a happy camper, and I still didn’t feel well when I woke up this morning. Thus Level 1 was what I felt I could manage.

I am hoping to limit my sugar intake over the next couple weeks as I’ve become too dependent on my ‘something sweet’ after dinner. The creme brulee was a good sendoff–I have no desire for anything sweet after last night, so hopefully that feeling will carry through. I opted for a mostly savory breakfast this morning.

An over-hard fried egg, multigrain bread with homemade cream cheese and homemade pesto, and a ramekin with two canned pear halves. Note: whenever I eat canned fruit, I always rinse out the entire can with water. Fruit is sweet enough without heavy syrup, and it is nearly impossible to find pears canned in their own juice. Bollocks.

My favorite part was definitely the bread with cream cheese and pesto. Mmmm.

Iced coffee on the side. I wonder how much longer I’ll be in the mood to drink my coffee iced? It looks like Wisconsin has another warm week in store for us, but the ducks and geese flying over are whispering ‘fall.’

I am excited to come home tonight without having to cook dinner: my chili is waiting in the fridge for me to warm up! Chili always tastes better the next day.