Like Riding a Bike

You didn’t think we were having chili for dinner, did you?

Davy was home today, and he cooked us a delicious meal using both our Charbroil grill and the terracotta flower pot grill.


He rubbed a whole chicken with a dry rub and used a can filled with olive oil, thyme, and sage in the er…opening…to give it even more flavor. I really wanted to find a little top hat to put on this chicken for the picture, because I could imagine him singing “Hello, my baby, hello my darling, hello my rag time gal…”

Okay, a little creepy. I digress.

While the chicken cooked in our terracotta flower pot grill, Dave used the newly purchased bellows to get Charlie going.

(“Best ten dollars I ever spent,” Dave said. He says that about anything kitchen or outdoor cooking related. But I can’t really blame him).

Red potatoes and broccoli went onto Charlie, timed to match the chicken.

If you want perfect red meat, poultry, or fish, a meat thermometer will be your best friend. Seriously, go buy one.


The chicken was absolutely perfect, the potatoes amazingly flavorful, and the broccoli was as good as ever.

My man sure can cook.






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