The recipes we used for cheese-making all came from my Mom’s Herb Companion magazine. According to HC, the feta is good stored in the refrigerator for up to a year, the cream cheese for two weeks, and the mozzarella? Three days! Time to get cracking.

I pulled the last store-bought whole grain pizza crust out of the freezer to make a quick homemade pizza for tonight. It took maybe five minutes to add toppings–of course I prefer homemade pizza dough, but when you’re in a time crunch, store bought crust will do. My favorite go-to crust is a whole wheat flatbread; it makes the perfect personal size pizza.

I spread homemade pesto on as my sauce, then topped with the mozzarella, some baby bella mushroom slices, cherry tomatoes, frozen peppers & onions, and finished it off with some shredded parmesan.


Baked at 425 for 13 minutes.

Then broiled for a minute to soak up some excess moisture.

Three slices for me.

And an apple for dessert.

This pizza was good, but it would have been oh-so-much better on a flatbread or homemade pizza crust; no matter how hard I try, I am just not a fan of thin pizza crusts. It is all about the thick, chewy dough for me.

Guess I’m a carboholic.




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