Eating Steak: Once in a Blue Moon

I love to celebrate things in a big way. Birthdays, anniversaries, and the holiday season which, for me, lasts all the way from mid October to New Year’s Day, are all reason to get dressed up, uncork a few bottles, cook delicious food, and let loose. Themed parties are huge with my family and friends. For example, one particular winter when everyone was feeling down (S.A.D. seems to run in my family), my mom hosted a Tropical Depression party.

In February.

When life doesn’t seem to be going my way, being surrounded by all the things that are good in my life: family, friends, and good food, always remind me of everything I do have to be thankful for. Celebrating the little things turns them into big things. And I’m all about that.

So why not celebrate something that only happens once in a blue moon? And what better way to celebrate than to cook up a Hagrid’s-eye-patch size local, grass-fed, humane-certified, farmer’s market steak and cover it with caramelized onions and mushrooms?


While drinking the signature beverage of the holiday, o’ course.

Last night’s menu was simple but special. Besides the steak, we grilled up sweet potatoes with Cajun seasoning and Brussels sprouts and broccoli. I don’t even remember the last time I had steak, and I was hungry for it since I bought it at the farmer’s market last week. After Dave picked me up from work, we each popped open a Blue Moon, fired up the grill, and started our prep work.


Seriously, the first thing I thought when I saw this steak was of the scene in Order of the Phoenix when Hagrid slaps a dragon steak over his swollen eye; that’s how big it was. When I ordered two pounds of steak, I assumed it would be in multiple pieces!

I was so hungry by the time I got home, I opted to cut the sweet potatoes in small chunks and thread them on skewers in hopes they would cook quicker.


Dave also seasoned the last of my farmer’s market Brussels sprouts along with some fresh broccoli.

I like my steak cooked medium, whereas Dave prefers medium rare. He compromised and cooked it medium well. He was furious with himself, but I really didn’t care; it still tasted amazing.

Grilled sweet potatoes taste best with some charred bits.

And I’ll say it again: people who don’t like vegetables are just preparing them wrong.


At 9:45pm, dinner was served. I was starting to tell Dave how delicious he looked, so he knew we better eat quickly. Two hours to prep and cook, ten minutes to eat!

The blue moon offered very little silvery light to take food photos of at 9:45pm. But those ten minutes were the best ten minutes of eating I’ve had all week. And we have plenty of leftovers! Well, steak and potatoes, anyway.

I only leave vegetable leftovers once in a blue moon, and last night wasn’t one of them.








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