Chel’s Addiction

When I first tried Extreme Shed and Shred on June 2nd, I said: “This workout was really fun! It was actually pretty easy, but I think it will be a great addition for mornings when I don’t feel like I have a lot of energy.”

Ha ha, Chel. Well played.

I did Level 1 again this morning, and while some parts I may have classified as ‘easy,’ I’m not sure why I would have used that adjective to describe shadow boxing with weights or lateral burpee jumps. Crazy girl.

Not as crazy as Bashira, though! That girl has the kind of determination I aim for.

I have an addiction to this ridiculously delicious French Vanilla Smoothie. I’m going to have to switch up my breakfast soon, though, or my pictures are all going to be repeats.

I also think I might have to change the name. I initially posted ‘French Vanilla’ because I used Intense French coffee and added vanilla extract, but I’m sure I won’t always use Intense French and there’s cocoa powder in it. Oh well; what’s in a name? A coffee smoothie by any other name would taste as sweet. 🙂

No need to worry about a repeat dinner tonight–I’m trying something new with a few of my Farmer’s Market finds.





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