Warrior Dash To-Dos

I’m clumsy.

There’s a slight chance I’m going to fall on my face at Warrior Dash. That thought, along with my to-do list to prep for the big day, kept me up for nearly an hour the other night. (Brain, please turn off when I’m trying to sleep!)

Things that rumbled around in my head included this:

Finish my costume.

Source: www.warriordash.com

I love to dress up. And not just for Halloween. I adore themed parties and will attend most any event that gives me the opportunity to create and wear something out of the ordinary.

Faerie Fest 2010

So there’s no way I’m going to attend Warrior Dash bedecked in regular ol’ running gear. Nope. I’ve got a running skirt and tank top, leather strips, felt, stick-on gemstones and arm guards that I’m hoping to transform into something slightly resembling this:


So far, I have completed my belt.

My main goal is to make my costume both attractive and comfortable, which is why I decided to make it myself using running gear instead of renting a costume. This is a race, first and foremost, and I don’t want anything weighing me down.

I have not yet started altering my running gear, because I want to give it a test run first to see if it’s comfortable. I also have to decide whether or not to spray my shoes black. I intend to give them up at Warrior Dash and they’re going to be muddy anyway, but I don’t want to ruin them for whomever receives the donation. Which brings me to my next to-do:

Buy new running shoes.

As of next Saturday, I will no longer own running shoes. Warrior Dash takes donations of muddy shoes, washes them, and sends them to those in need. Ever since I heard about this, I planned to donate my shoes. They have seen me through exercise nearly every day for the last five months, and I am more than ready for a new pair. But I need to get them post haste.

Figure out where the hotel is.

I booked our hotel four months ago, the Rodeway Inn in Jefferson, WI. It was the only hotel left with rooms at the time–Warrior Dash is that popular! It’s supposed to be only about a ten minute drive, which is great. I am not expecting much at all from this hotel except a place to rest my head at night. Dave has offered to lend me his car, which is much more reliable than my car and has a GPS hookup, so I won’t get lost (besides being clumsy, I am awful with directions. Seriously awful).

Sign the waiver.

Line 2: I understand that participating in the event involves the risks of severe physical injury and/or death that cannot be completely eliminated. 

Maybe I should change this to-do to: Try not to die.


Costume, towel, change of clothes for after the race and Sunday, shoes, PJs, photo id, spending cash for food, beer, and gear, waiver, camera, and a great warrior attitude.

Watch 300.

Pretty sure this will get me revved up for the dash.


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