It’s the Final Countdown

I can’t believe when I first put up the ticker on my blog that Warrior Dash was over three months away. And now it’s seven days away. Seven! Ye gads. I don’t want to get all trite about the quick passage of time, but it sure is terrifying.

I am both excited and terrified for what Warrior Dash claims will be ‘one of the craziest frickin’ days of my life.’

Here’s a breakdown of the obstacles my fellow warriors and I will encounter on our 3.11 mile run:

  1. Barricade Breakdown–Hurdle over the barricades and crawl under barbed wire.
  2. Teetering Traverse–Level your nerves as you teeter through a soaring track
  3. Storming Normandy–Fight through the menacing military crawl (This makes me think of Stand by Me when Teddy screams ‘My father stormed the beach at Normandy!’)
  4. The Trenches–Stay low and crawl quickly through the dirt and duck under the logs
  5. Hard Rain–Trudge through the water and climb above the rain

6. Great Warrior Wall–Conquer the wooden barricade
7. Diesel Dome–Voyage over the arching obstruction (a little vague…)
8. Mortimer’s Crossing–Balance your way across the wobbly rope
9. Chaotic Crossover–Crawl across the tangled nets
10. Cargo Climb–Maneuver over the cargo nets (basically a vertical version of Chaotic Crossover)

11. Warrior Roast–Leap over the warrior fires
12. Muddy Mayhem–Scramble beneath barbed wire as you finish

It’s no secret that the obstacle I am most looking forward to is leaping over fires. But there will be nothing sweeter to me than seeing this:

As my first race, my main priority is to finish. And then I’m going to party like it’s 1999.

The source of all photos is


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