Shredding Friday

New Jillian work-out today! I’d always skipped her video Shred It With Weights in the past because it involves a kettle bell, which I do not own. I don’t mind extra equipment for a video that I like, but those suckers are expensive!

However, after reading a few reviews of it on Amazon, I discovered that you can also do it with a dumbbell. Score!

I popped two three pound weights onto my four pound bar and got lifting during Level 1.

Jillian recommends a dumbbell weighing 3-8 pounds but that just wasn’t cutting it for me; I didn’t feel like I was getting a real workout until I used the ten.

Besides, I think my pal Bashira was using a 15 pound kettle bell, and I didn’t want to let her down. Verdict? Great video. It was short (about 25 minutes) and easy, but I still worked up a good sweat. Definitely a video to incorporate into my regular routine when I want to work on arms. Now I’m seriously considering purchasing a kettle bell…but not until after I try Level 2.

Breakfast was easy, as usual. I know a lot of bloggers consider breakfast to be their favorite meal of the day but unless I’m eating a later breakfast, I just don’t seem to have time in the morning to cook up anything nearly as good as dinner.

No complaints about my breakfast, though! Orange segments topped with a bit of plain non-fat greek yogurt and sprinkled with cinnamon. And sprouted seven grain toast topped with fake bacon.

I will be the first one to admit that the painted on ‘bacon’ texture is a little bit alarming. I don’t usually buy fake bacon, but I used it in my Hungry Girl German-ish Potato-ish Salad last Sunday, and it worked splendidly. When cooked crispy and broken up, it tastes just like bacon bits. All by itself…it more hints at bacon than actually delivers. But it’s still not bad.

No coffee yet this morning, so I’ll have to count on the citrus juices to wake me up. After a shower, I’m off to the store to do a bit of grocery shopping–then I’ll be cooking up a storm for Emily’s bridal shower tomorrow.

Total calories burned during exercise: 200 (?)

Total calories consumed during breakfast: 209


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