Please Remain Calm

Tips for running through knee pain:

Run on a cool, cloudy day.

Cool enough to wear running capris and cloudy enough to skip the sunglasses.

(Take a picture with your cat to distract from your tired eyes).

Wear earbuds that never fall out!

I loved these earbuds so much! No need to readjust at all. Today I did three and a half miles in 35 minutes. I have fallen from my 8 minute mile grace to a 10 minute mile due to the painful twinging in my knees. I even did some yoga last night in an effort to stretch them out beforehand, but it didn’t seem to do much good.

After I got home, I decided on another English muffin sandwich for breakfast.

First, I sauteed a huge slice of tomato seasoned with a pinch of basil and salt.

The other side had a nice, creamy spread of avocado. Served with the last of the green grapes on the side.

Tomorrow I get to do some baking for my friend Em’s bridal shower this Saturday! It has been much too long since the last time I’ve baked anything, so I’m really looking forward to it.


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