Earnest Effort

This morning seemed like as good of a time as ever to take a rest day, mostly because I stayed up late watching The Sons of Katie Elder (we couldn’t find The Cowboys).

The only effort I had to exert this morning was making breakfast. Last week I bought something I haven’t bought in ages–English muffins. As I pulled one out of the freezer to toast this morning, I couldn’t help but think of the scene in The Importance of Being Earnest where Jack and Algy are fighting over muffins.

Jack: Good heavens, I suppose a man may eat his own muffins in his own garden. 
Algy: But you have just said it was perfectly heartless to eat muffins! 
Jack: I said it was perfectly heartless of YOU under the circumstances. That is a very different thing. 
Algy: That may be, but the muffins are the same! 

I suppose I’ll always be an English lover at heart. And I did not find it heartless at all to enjoy my muffin holding an egg and Morning Star ‘Sausage’ patty with Sriracha.

Grapes on the side to balance the spicy.

And a lovely cup of hot coffee on this relatively cool morning (75 degrees).



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