Beat the Heat

Today was supposed to be a running day. I thought about waking up really early to beat the heat, but Dave said when he left for work at 2:00am the other morning, it was already 80 degrees. And as much as I wanted to go running, I’m too young to die.

Instead, I figured I would get much more out of an intense indoor workout so I jumped right into Level 4 of Ripped in 30.

Wow. Just wow. If you don’t like military style trainers, you will not like this video. Jillian is much less inspirational and much more hard ass in this workout video. Even Bashira (is it Bashira or Basheera? I feel really bad I don’t know how to spell her name, but I keep seeing different versions online), my favorite girl, looked incredibly winded.

In fact, when I googled ‘Bashira in Ripped in 30,’ a story popped up saying medics had to be called for her after Level 4 because she had passed out. Notably because they performed Level 4 after shooting Level 3 twice! Ye gads, I like Jillian, but I’m keeping my television distance.

I’ll do my weight lifting,

bridges with chest flies,

and plank row push-ups (!!!) from home, thankyouverymuch.

That way I can finish it off with some lovely french-pressed Mudslide coffee.


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