The Other Woman

Long before Jillian Michaels came into my life, there was another woman whose face frequented my television set.

After discovering cardio yoga on Hulu at the recommendation of a friend, I branched out to more ExerciseTV videos, mainly those led by trainer Cindy Whitmarsh. She had umpteen videos on Hulu, and I’ve done them all. Sadly, ExerciseTv is no longer in the biz, so the videos available now are mostly shorts.

However, in a desperate attempt to keep my relationship with Jillian fresh, I sought out Cindy this morning and found a 20 minute Incredible Ab video that got stored on Hulu because I used it so frequently a few years ago. Sweet!

Cardio-wise, this video is a piece of cake. But, like Bob Harper’s 15 minute ab workout, it left my abs sore and stretched, a definite workout for my core.

I followed up the video with ten minutes of strength training: military presses, shadow boxing, butt kicks, and jumping jacks all with my four lb weights.

Not bad, considering I averaged about four hours of sleep last night. I have officially sworn off any Vicodin for my tooth pain after last night; instead of making me fall asleep, it seems to lull my body into a state of extreme lethargy while making my brain run as fast as it possibly can. Because of this, I knew exactly what I was going to eat for breakfast this morning.

The rest of the strawberries, which had reached peak ripeness and a half a bagel topped with scrambled egg whites, spinach, and parmesan cheese.

I seasoned the eggs with marjoram, garlic salt, and pepper. Perfect-o.

It feels strange going back to work after such a long time–when’s my next vacation? 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Other Woman

  1. Vacations seem to take forever to get here, then they seem to be over in a flash! It looks like that breakfast will help you get back into the swing of things nicely 🙂

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