Cabin Weekend Recap, Part 2


A tell-tale sign of getting older: instead of sleeping in until the sun bakes you into a comforter-heated mess, you are up with coffee in hand at 7:15am on a Saturday morning.

But who wouldn’t want to wake up early with something like this for breakfast?

My sister Emily and her boyfriend Christopher were in charge of breakfast Saturday morning. The night before, they had prepped an egg bake in the crock pot, and on Saturday, they put out all the fixings for parfaits: honey vanilla greek yogurt, fresh strawberries and blueberries, and homemade granola.

My sister’s homemade granola was amazing! Although not as chunky as I usually make mine, the flavor was phenomenal, due in part to her recipe that involved crushed up rice cakes.

Our plans for the day: relaxing, fishing, swimming, repeat.

After breakfast, we spent an hour wiffle ball under the shade of the pine trees.

There were no winners that day.

But there were no losers, either. 🙂

First fishing of the season! As you can see, my face was still a bit swollen and painful, but I refused to let that stop me from enjoying my fun in the sun. Complaining is for wusses.

I only fished for about an hour in the hot sun, managing to catch an 8 inch Northern.

Dave even went fishing for the first time with his brand-spankin’-new pole. I don’t think fishing is going down in history as his favorite activity, but he spent an even longer time than I did throwing in his line. No catches for him, which is always a bit disappointing. Especially the first time.

Aurelia went swimming again with us later that day. We swam at a new place: Fischer Lake, which is where most of us got epic sunburns from indecent applications of sunscreen. At least Baby A was prepared for the sun.

Why didn’t I bring a bonnet?

She seemed to enjoy the cool water just as much as the rest of us. Maybe she’ll be an Olympic swimmer someday!

When we got back to the cabin, Moriah was next in line for making dinner. On her menu: Burgers with all the fixings: avocado, tomato, grilled onions and mushrooms, and pickles. For sides: a Forbidden Rice salad with grapes and sauteed brussels sprouts.

As the burgers were not humane-certified, I was content with a bun stuffed with the fixings and the sides.

Another great end to a great day.


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