Cabin Weekend Recap, Part 1


It is no small task to get eight adults and one baby packed and ready to leave at the same time on a Friday morning. Nonetheless, we made excellent time on Friday, heading out of Green Bay at about 11:30am.

It seemed to take no time at all before the cell phone towers and billboards were replaced with evergreens.

We stopped at a few less-than-stellar rummage sales on our way up to the cabin, ending up with only a canteen for Tyler, a messenger bag for Mom, and a BSC book Moriah found.

I used to live off these books when I was in 6th grade and passed them into the eager hands of my sister Moriah. We were both overjoyed for nostalgic reasons to find this book…until after we had both read it in under an hour. Sadly one of the childhood remembrances that did not live up to its expectations. Oh, well.

At about 3:00pm (time was beginning to lose meaning), we pulled into the driveway of our cabin road, and I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen anything so beautiful.

With the terrifying and beautiful ways time changes our lives: marriages, new jobs, babies, moves, break-ups, it is nice that some things always remain the same. The cabin is one of them.

We relaxed for just a bit on the porch before I couldn’t wait anymore–I wanted to get in the water! We headed down to the boat landing, just a hop, skip, and a jump down the road.

Lake Michigan is nice, but it’s nicer swimming somewhere where the water is slightly warm with no algae or scent or dead fish.

Dad had to help Mom get accustomed to the water.

And Baby A even went for a dip.

Completely refreshed and ready to relax some more, we walked back to the cabin.

The boys played some horseshoes while the girls sat around the campfire, and I started prepping our dinner for that night: a Low Country Boil. First, I put on the cornbread. I had pre-mixed all the dry ingredients the day before, so the rest was a cinch.

Cooking over a campfire is a task that no one will ever be able to master completely. I covered the pan with some tin foil halfway through to cook the top and ended up pulling off some of the top layer. After it was as golden as I could muster, I moved it to the ground to keep it warm and put on the boil.

AB’s seasoning smelled fantastic mixed with the shrimp, corn, potatoes, and sausage.

After about thirty minutes of different stages of cooking, we ceremoniously dumped the boil onto a pile of newspapers on the table to eat. I also set out the broccoli slaw salad along with the cornbread, cocktail sauce, and lemon wedges.

After two days of consuming probably 1000 calories total, I was determined not to let my wisdom teeth stop me from enjoying this meal. Maybe it was the fact that I hadn’t eaten been able to eat much prior, but I can’t remember the last time anything had tasted so good. The goodies had soaked up every delicious bit of seasoning and were cooked to perfection.

After cleaning the dishes, we spent the rest of the evening watching the coals dance and burn in the fire pit.


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