My Bags are Packed, I’m Ready to Go

If I got to pick anywhere to go for my birthday and money was no object, I’d be walking the moors of Ireland, drinking in the the shades of green from the land and grey from the sea until color shot out my fingertips.

But because money is always an object, I picked the next best place for my 25th birthday: our cabin in Florence, Wisconsin.

To the casual observer, it may not look like much. There’s no indoor plumbing. Amenities are sparse. And mosquitoes make their home in the woods, treating any visitor like an unwelcome outsider.

But there is no tap water that can compare to the icy freshness of this pumped well water. And this cabin encapsulates everything I love about summer.

Celebrating time with family. That’s me with my Grandma Leahy soon after the cabin was first built–I was about three. This cabin is frequented by my entire extended family on my dad’s side. Some families just don’t click, but one of the main reasons I grew up considering some of my cousins my best friends is because we saw each other so often in the summer.

The heartbreaking beauty of nature. I love summer so much. I always just feel more alive somehow, with so many different sensations filling my head.

Time to relax and read. If you’re a reader, you know that some books are just better when enjoyed outdoors.

Fishing. We eat what we catch, and we catch what we eat. This isn’t just a sport, it’s the way food was meant to be enjoyed.

Playing outside. I don’t claim to be particularly good at horseshoes, but I love playing outside! Kick the Can, Wiffle Ball, and Volleyball were all favorites up at the cabin when we were kids. Not to mention swimming…I fondly remember being so unwilling to leave the water that we’d eat our lunch waist-deep in the lake.

Campfires. If you’ve read this blog even a smidge, you know how much I love grilling. The slow food movement is my family’s game. And when the campfire ‘grill’ becomes a bonfire post-dinner, it’s so much more than a television set. It incites jokes, stories, and makes everyone just a little more beautiful.

Hiking. Walking. Strolling. Trotting. Call it what you will. I love exploring the great outdoors on my own two feet. (And in this picture, I am the blue raincoat, following my own path).

Did I mention the heartbreaking beauty of nature?

It bears mentioning again. You notice it more. You have the time to notice it when you’re disconnected from the technological trappings of today’s world.

This weekend, there’s no where I’d rather be. So please forgive me while I take another break from this blog. I’m going to be out in the world, enjoying life, eating good food, and bringing the pieces back to you in words and pictures.


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