Let’s All Go to the Faire

We could not have asked for a better turn out for our first Renaissance Faire.

Frankly, I was shocked at the amount of people who showed up! It was so exciting to see so many people for our ‘trial run.’

The Mustard Seed Cafe served turkey legs, sausage, hot dogs, pickles on a stick, hummus and chips, doughnuts on a stick, Sage Hollow iced tea and lemonade and soft drinks. Butterfly Fries served spiraled potato ‘chip’ fries with cheese. (Not too much healthy food–I stuck with hummus and chips and a few of my brother’s Butterfly Fries during the day).

My sister Emily and her boyfriend Christopher were fantastic as the Queen and King. The kids just loved seeing them and being knighted or made a member of the Queen’s court for completing a scavenger hunt.

We did a parade around the park twice to show off the royal court, accompanied by a wonderful violinist.

A jester spent all day creating this fabulous chalk drawing of a wizard.

Ivy Trails sold succulents and helped people create their own faerie gardens.

One vendor did Henna designs.

Another sold fantastic fairy products.

We had plenty of live music to entertain us, including Dr. Kickbutt’s Orchestra of Death.

Attendees used larp (live action role playing) swords to fence.

My Aunt Colleen walked around selling beautiful roses while my Mom helped run our tea booth and assist the King and Queen.

I spent some of my time watching over the little fairy princess Aurelia. My brother Tyler played the Griffin Keeper and had to hand out feathers to kids for their scavenger hunt.

My dad showed up later to take over.

My cousin Jake, the archer, paused midday for a rest.

From this:

To this.

I was in no condition to go out in public after the faire, but I was hungry and desperately in need of refreshment.

This O’so beer hit the spot. We checked out a new pub and eatery called Hagemeister Park in Green Bay. It’s only been open a week, and they are already having trouble keeping up with the swarms of people, no likely due to their fabulous outdoor patio, live bands, and great selection of beer and food.

This salad was definitely calling my name. Blackened Mahi-Mahi salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, gorgonzola cheese, black olives, and red wine vinegar. With a side of garlic toast. Just what the Princess’ doctor ordered.

My head hit the pillow at 10:30 last night, and I slept for 9 hours before waking up this morning to do an hour of Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism.

No breakfast for me, because I have to take an HRA before work, so I’ve just been drinking plenty of water.

I’m already getting excited to celebrate my birthday weekend up in the north woods of Wisconsin. I’m not wishing the days away, though–I have plenty to do this week in preparation. Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “Let’s All Go to the Faire

  1. Wow, Chel! I’m so glad Ren Faire had a great turnout. You got Dr. Kickbutt to play?? Your family never ceases to amaze me. 🙂

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