Kicking Snacks to the Curb

My clothes decided my workout routine this morning. I washed my tennis shoes yesterday because they were caked in mud from my Sunday morning run through the construction zone, and, alas, were still a bit damp this morning. Also, I went to bed in yoga capris and wanted to stay in them as long as possible. If you own any yoga pants, you know how that goes.

Bob Harper’s Yoga for the Warrior, it is!

It had been much too long since I did this video–I highly recommend it to any yogis out there. It definitely goes beyond a normal yoga workout by calling more muscles into play.

I love that Bob incorporates push-ups and shoulder presses for an upper body workout. It still wasn’t enough for me, though, so I followed with 100 butterfly presses with my 5 lb weights.

(Boy, I really need to clean the apartment. Maybe I should be waking up early to do that instead of exercising…)

While I was yogaing this morning, I realized that I, once again, was not remotely hungry or craving breakfast at all. Which means that I’ve been snacking too much before bed again. I really need to stop this late night snacking–it has become more habitual than based on hunger. If only it were kale chips instead of animal crackers!

My aim this week is to turn off the kitchen lights after dinner and consume only water and my Jillian cleanse juice until bedtime. I need to kick the habit until I start snacking only because I’m truly hungry.

So breakfast this morning was all in liquid form.

Iced coffee.

I’ll be waiting for you, hunger.


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