Hit the Road, Jack

♫ And don’t you come back, no more, no more, no more, no more. Hit the road, Jack, and don’t you come back no more.♫

I remember my aunt singing this song to us at bedtime when we slept over at her house. Now that I’m older, its tone seems on par with the creepy ‘Sandman’ song. Are you really sending us to bed? Or to our demise? Sheesh.

Anyway, Dave and I are hitting the road shortly…but we will be coming back. I’ll be taking a break from blogging this weekend as we head down to Illinois to visit Dave’s parents. Barry and Kathy are fantastic people–both incredibly generous, funny, and down-to-earth. Sadly, we haven’t seen them since Christmas so this visit is long overdue.

Tonight, we’ll be attending a wedding in Chicago for Dave’s friend Jacqui. I met Jacqui and her fiance Terry at our wedding a year and a half ago, and though I don’t know them terribly well, I’ve gotten a glimpse of their life through the wonder of the world wide web. They seem like such a wonderful couple, and I wish them a lifetime of laughter, inside jokes, and magical moments.

Doesn’t Jacqui look just like Jennifer Garner? I told this to Dave the first time I saw a picture of her; the resemblance is uncanny!

Except Jacqui is prettier. 🙂

On Sunday, we’ll be celebrating Father’s Day and Barry’s upcoming birthday with the whole Dowe family, including Dave’s sister Ali and her wife Jaimee. Ali and Jaimee are ridiculously smart–Jaimee recently obtained her PhD and Ali graduated just last week with a master’s degree. Luckily, they are both so hilarious that I forget about feeling insignificant around them.

Barry is a culinary arts instructor, so you can only imagine the delicious meals I am privy to at their house. Barry’s nicoise salad is still one of the best meals I’ve ever had.

But Sunday, we’re going to let him relax while we grill some of our favorites for dinner: salmon, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts and naan bread with roasted red pepper hummus. Kathy called us a few days ago to ask what we wanted to make and headed out to pick up the ingredients in advance. See? Awesome family.

Dinner will be followed by the traditional Dowe family birthday cake: brownie layer bottom with two layers of banana cake, covered in chocolate frosting. It is to die for.

Dave made me this “cauldron cake” last year for my birthday (It was Harry Potter themed) based on the Dowe traditional birthday cake, and it had to be held up with chopsticks. I spent the rest of July eating slices out of the freezer. It was a good month.

With the wedding and grill-out, I know I will be consuming a lot of delicious food this weekend. And since we’re staying until Monday, I’m going prepared with my running shoes, Ipod, and workout gear. Barry and Kathy have a nice trail behind their house, and I’m hoping to get in a morning run at least one day. I really can’t afford to slack off with Warrior Dash looming nearer and nearer.

I started this morning with Level 1 of Ripped in 30.

I felt kind of wussy after I finished, because I know I’ve advanced beyond Level 1, I just prefer it. Something is better than nothing, right?

In an effort to make use of our fresh strawberries, I told Dave last night we were both having strawberry smoothies for breakfast. He asked for his “without any funny stuff like spinach.”

My funny smoothie was simple.

Strawberries, spinach, ice, and unsweetened vanilla almond coconut milk.

Off to finish packing! Have a very happy weekend, all.



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