Over-Easy Dinner

I had a meeting out at the fairgrounds this evening to discuss the upcoming Renaissance Faire. I can’t believe it will be here in fewer than two weeks already! Summer has certainly hastened its trot to a jog.

The fairgrounds look to be a promising location for our faire. The trees are lush, green, and shady, and the whole area looks more picturesque every time I see it. I can already picture vendors nestled in little tree nooks and the line to the King and Queen’s tent.

And look who we caught a glimpse of in the tree….

Perhaps he’ll make a special appearance at our faire.

The meeting lasted longer than I expected and, since my grandma lives just down the road, we popped in to say hi to her. By the time I got home, I was not in the mood to wait long for dinner–it was already 8pm and I hadn’t eaten much that day except for a martini glass of chocolate overnight oats for a late breakfast.

  • 4 oz container chocolate yogurt
  • 1/4 cup oats
  • splash of vanilla almond milk
  • 1/3 sliced banana
  • slivered almonds for topping

It was delicious and held me over well…but it was not intended to hold me over until 8pm. I whipped up a quick salad that was less ‘sink’ and more fancy.

Emily over at A Nutritionist Eats had me craving eggs lately…she puts them on things I never would have thought about, like salads.

Tonight’s salad was spring lettuce, green onions, tomato basil feta (mmmm), a sauteed portabella cap, and an overeasy egg.

Verdict? Delicious. This overeasy dinner was fine by me.


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