I try to follow the 80/20 philosophy in life which means if I’m good 80% of the time, I’m allowed to be not-so-good 20% of the time with no guilt.

For example, I had a veggieriffic salad for dinner last night.

And then shared jalapeno poppers at the bar with my sister.

I know fried cheese curds are generally a Wisconsin thing, but I hope all you non-Wisconsinites have had the opportunity to order these breaded jalapeno and cream cheese filled goodies. They are oh-so-good.

I had plenty of water, coffee, and club soda yesterday.

And then helped myself to three delicious drinks at the bar last night, one Red Russian and two sweet brandy Old Fashioneds.

When I came home, I helped myself to a bowl of microwave popcorn and some mixed nuts.  I felt a little full when I went to bed and upset that I late-night snacked again.

But then I woke up and did 60 minutes of Shed and Shred.

I feel pretty good about the way I”m living my life. I am not perfect, and I don’t want to be. But this balance thing seems to be working out pretty well for me.

Do you follow the 80/20 philosophy?


2 thoughts on “80/20

  1. It’s all about balance, I’m glad you manage to keep that balance, with me it’s more like all or nothing most of the times 😉 I’m working on it though

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