Likes and Dislikes

I don’t like running.

I do like the sense of accomplishment I feel after having run 3.1 miles.

Don’t get too excited; I walked intervals of 1.5 miles in between. Still, nothing to sneeze at, right?

I don’t like bills.

I do like being able to rip them up because I’ve paid them.

After all, that means I have a few coins jingling around in my pocket. And I don’t have to hide from Collections yet.

I don’t like bagged tea.

I do like loose leaf tea.

So much more flavorful and delicious.

I don’t like frozen fruit as much as fresh fruit.

I do like frozen fruit blended with green tea, spinach, and some unsweetened vanilla almond coconut milk.

Which tastes even better when your appetite is back.

I don’t like boring dishes.

I do like funky dishes.

My smoothies just taste better out of my monogrammed insulated cup.




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