Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Today felt longer than even a work day. After my run this morning, I went to pick up some ribbon and pearl wristlets and headed out to my mom’s house.

You see, in addition to selling tea, my mom’s business Sage Hollow has entered the world of wedding flowers, which started with my own.

Mom took the reins for creating all the bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages. She’s really quite brilliant at creating floral arrangements.ย One of my (few) talents happens to be recreating her designs.

I loved picking out my wedding flowers, and with my mom’s help, was very pleased with the way they turned out. So were others, which is why we were were asked to do flowers for two weddings last year. And we have another two other weddings lined up for this fall.

We spent nearly ten hours today arranging flowers for an afternoon wedding tomorrow.

I really never used to think about how much work went into arranging flowers until we started doing it.

The men’s boutonnieres.

The girl’s bouquets.

My brother was home today and was awesome enough to make us tostadas for lunch.

He’s a great cook and has an unparalleled knack for Mexican food. I’m sure he can give me a few tips to make my Taco Salads even more delicious, although he would probably just tell me to add meat. ๐Ÿ™‚

I stopped at the grocery store on my way home, knowing I wouldn’t feel like cooking, as it was almost nine.

The grocery store did not have my beloved Tomato Caprese salad, but this Crabmeat Power salad was quite good as well.

And to celebrate the week, I’m heading out with my friends for a few drinks! Unfortunately, I can’t let it all hang loose tonight–Mom’s picking me up tomorrow so we can go hang bows on the pews, hand out the flowers, set out the tea and coffee favors we made, and decorate the cake.

It is a change of pace working with beautiful things all day instead of dealing with vomit, stool samples, urine specimens, etc. I’ll take flowers any day!


2 thoughts on “Everything’s Coming Up Roses

  1. The flowers are beautiful! Love that your mom does both tea (which is AMAZING) and flowers for weddings. That is so cool. Your wedding day photo is gorgeous!

    Good luck with the prep today! That tostada looks yummy!

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