I Love the Smell of Catnip in the Morning

There have been several days now where I’ve woken up just feeling off. Today was another one where I woke up feeling nauseated and hit the snooze button several times before rolling out of bed. (No, Mom, I’m not pregnant).

After taking a shot of Pepto, I somehow managed to push myself through Level 1 of Ripped in 30 even though I was feeling a bit clammy. 

I wanted to stop after the first circuit, but decided if I finished this out today, I would use tomorrow as a rest/yoga today. Apparently my body needs it.

Nothing sounded good for breakfast. The only thing I thought I could manage was a bowl of watermelon, which is 90% water anyway.

Unfortunately, the last two watermelons I bought have not been as good as the first one. They’ve been a bit grainy with splits in the middle instead of firm and juicy. I have not perfected the art of watermelon thumping at the store. Alton? Any tips for me?

Even iced coffee wasn’t appealing to me today. Instead, I made a big pitcher of iced green tea (loose leaf, of course) to keep in the fridge and poured myself a big ‘ol glass.

The cats, on the other hand, think everything tastes good today. I liberally sprayed their toys with catnip this morning to keep them entertained throughout the day while we were gone, and they’ve been making love to their mice for the last hour now.

I think I need to spray some catnip on my lunch to keep me going today.


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