Into the Wild Blue

Dave was still not feeling 100% today and since he had to go to bed early for work anyway, he insisted I go to the Sunday cookout at my parents by myself.

A day without a computer, cell phone, and no buildings standing tall on the horizon? If I must.

Mom ‘surprised’ us by having us help with the garden. I didn’t mind, because I will surely reap some of the benefits from it this summer. Apparently the rascally rabbits had already been chewing on the two-day old plants, so first up was a fence to keep them out.

I like rabbits, but I like healthy vegetables even more.

After the fence was up, we laid down some strips of landscape fabric covered with straw to cut down on the weeds.

We didn’t quite finish, because it was getting late, and we needed to start dinner. We had a lot of food and ideas, but no real theme for the night. Somehow, my siblings and I put our heads together to create a delicious meal.

Emily and Moriah made us an appetizer of fried pickle chips on the grill, a recreation recipe from the Food Network Magazine.

I will always be a pickle lover. These were fantastic, and we had no trouble devouring them all. I took the grilling chef’s hat for the night after the prep work was done, and a few hours later, dinner was served.

Tortillas with portabella caps, spicy scrambled tofu, and pepper salsa. Bourbon baked beans and rice and beans. Some zucchini salad. A few pita chips with hummus. And grilled watermelon!

I saw the grilled watermelon in Reader’s Digest and had to try it. I just basted the watermelon slices with a bit of olive oil, minced onion, salt, and pepper, and grilled on each side for about three minutes. I wish I would have let them sear a bit longer, but they were quite tasty. Dad gave the meal 4.5 out of 5 stars, because he always wants to keep us on our toes. I don’t think we’ll ever get a 5.

I was a hungry girl tonight and had two plates–the only other thing I’d eaten today was a yogurt parfait around 2:00pm. After dinner was over, it was past 8:00pm, so I spent just a bit more time hanging out with my family. Including watching this little doll get a bath!

As usual, a day out in the country has worn me out and I too, am ready for a bath, a book, and bed.

How is the weekend over already?


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