To Market, To Market

Dave had to head to Appleton this afternoon to take an HRA for work, and I decided to tag along. Partly for moral support but mostly because one of my favorite stores, World Market, lives in Appleton. 🙂

My favorite section, of course, is the food section. I love weird and unique foods, and I can spend an hour just traipsing up and down the aisles in the back of the store where canned spotted dick, sesame snaps, ginger chews, and hilarious food descriptions abound. Take this gem for instance, a milky Sake.

It reads “This alcohol is Japanese white sake. This is the one to have filled a bottle with by sterilizing heat without wringing the sake that maturity was fermented. Please save in the refrigeration and avoid the direct sunlight. In Japan, a drunkard is called a ‘tiger.’ A white tiger wearing a Japanese head band is saying thank you, thank you and is cheering up.”

Something was definitely lost in translation, and I am so glad it was. Instead of lushes, I will start calling my friends ‘tigers.’

We ended up with a $4.00 bottle of olive oil, a jar of garlic stuffed olives (perfect for martinis…mmm), a huge container of sourdough pretzels, and these, which I snacked on in the car:

Roasted coconut chips. Definitely going to be crumbled over some future banana soft serve.

And Wasabi Soy Almonds. Not spicy at all considering they are wasabi flavored, but still delicious. Driving through Appleton made me want to move there all the more–I’m ready for a change! I like Green Bay a lot, but I could use a change of scenery.

When we returned home, we took care of a few household chores and, given the sad state of our coffers, Dave ran to the store for dinner. I asked him to bring me back another delicious Caprese salad.

Seriously a steal at $3.99. Drizzled with a bit of Newman’s Own Light Sundried Tomato Basil Dressing, it was a perfect summer dinner. We shared the remnants of the Amaretto Cherry gelato and made plans to buy more asap.

A freezer without gelato isn’t a freezer at all.


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