Xtreme Breakfast

Well, the sandpaper on the door trick lasted two days before Arty got over his bewilderment and decided no amount of sandpaper would stop his incessant scratching to get to whatever side of the door he is not on (whether it is open or not).

I’m at my wit’s end as to what to do with him. I wish there was some way to reprimand a cat, but cats will do what they please. Which means until I figure something out, neither Dave nor I will get a decent night’s sleep. Urgh.

When I got up this morning, my brain was only half functioning. For some reason, I love doing Chris Freytag workouts when I don’t feel quite as energetic. I still work up a decent sweat, but I don’t have to think nearly as hard as I do during Jillian’s workouts.

Hulu is still not streaming full episodes of ExerciseTV, so I’ve pretty much switched over to YouTube for all my old favorites. Hulu, you’ve lost my business. Hope you’re happy there’s one less person leaching off your free offerings! Wait…

I completed the 40 minutes of 10# Slimdown Xtreme Core workout. I’m pretty sure it’s only ‘extreme’ if you’re terribly out of shape, but I didn’t mind this morning. I do wonder why companies find it necessary to drop the ‘E’ from extreme to make it sound even more intense. As in “Wow, this workout is so extreme, they kicked the ‘E’ out for being too lazy!” Now that is just krazy. With a K.

This parfait was also pretty crazy. Since I’m out of dried fruit to make granola, I used a crumbled Morning Glory muffin as my carb layer.

Layered with a Chobani Honey Nana greek yogurt and thawed strawberries, dark cherries, and blueberries.

I only used half a muffin in this parfait, because it was pretty ginormous, and my martini glass was already straining to hold all this delicious.

Served with a glass of iced Amaretto coffee, this was an Xtremely delightful breakfast.


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