A Quiet Afternoon

The best thing to do after a fun weekend weekend with house guests?

Absolutely nothing.

Of course, ‘nothing’ for me translates into yoga, reading, cooking, and watching movies. All activities I consider therapeutic.

The first thing I did after we returned home was an hour long Yoga for the Warrior with Bob Harper. Hopefully I’ll soon be able to hold the Bird of Paradise long enough for Dave to take a photo of me rather than just shout “Hey, look what I can do!” and fall apart seven seconds later. But I’m making progress; I used to only be able to hold it for three seconds.

The hardest part of any workout for me is the cool down at the end. I know it’s an important part of exercising, but I have such a hard time keeping still! Even Jillian’s five minute cool downs seem to last forever.

I’m usually pretty good at savoring life in the slow lane, but not when it comes to physical activity. Once I commit to being lazy though, I commit with the best of them.

I plopped down on the couch with a snack so Dave and I could watch Beethoven and see if it lived up to our childhood expectations of cheesy hilarity.

Morning Glory muffin, which tasted like carrot cake, and a pile of watermelon. During the movie, I couldn’t help wondering if Stanley Tucci regretted taking this role. 🙂

After putting Dave to bed, I did the dishes, job hunted online, read more of The Wednesday Sisters, made a vegetable couscous salad for Dave to take to work this week, and made a quick dinner for myself

Sauteed peppers, onion, and mushrooms with Z’atar, garlic, and red pepper flake, and the other half of my Harvest Panini. I also popped some more cubes of watermelon and had a handful of wheat crackers.

I have no plans to do anything productive for the rest of the night, so it’s back to reading and perhaps another movie viewing. Happy Sunday!


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