Early Start

Last night, our friends Dan and Emily came up from Stevens Point and crashed at our place for the evening with intentions to do wedding-related errands today. We stayed up late swapping stores and sipping some delicious organic gin they brought with them.

So good!

It was so nice to wake up with them in the other room–they are fun and fabulous house (or apartment) guests! They even left us a bottle of wine.

Dan and Em being silly at Little Tokyo last Friday

It was a bit strange waking up this morning and not exercising, but I think I can swing a rest day. We went to Luna Cafe this morning to meet Emily’s mom for the first time ever–she seems like a wonderful person, very pleasant and warm-hearted. Like us, she is very excited for Dan & Em’s big day in September.

I had one of my favorite meals at Luna–a Breakfast Sundae.

Layers of yogurt, chewy oats with dried cranberries and raisins, and grapes.

I love red grapes.

Although I usually drink straight black coffee, I splurged and ordered an iced honey latte given the 80 degree weather we are expecting today.

This breakfast stretched my stomach out almost uncomfortably–hopefully that means it will hold me over a long time. We parted ways with Dan and Em and stopped at Menard’s on the way home to buy supplies for this:

A Kitty-Scratch-Resistor.

We’ve been having so much trouble with our cat Arty lately. He has taken to scratching and pawing incessantly on the bottom of any closed (and now open) doors. Dave’s sister Ali recommended putting sandpaper on the bottom to deter scratching.

It’s definitely not classy, but hopefully it will mean better sleep for Dave and I! Dave worked 16 hours yesterday and is still not caught up on sleep–he went to bed shortly after we got home even though he had a triple espresso and two cups of coffee at Luna.

Guess I have to keep myself occupied until he wakes up.

In the meantime, I’d like to wish a very happy birthday to my grandma, Eunice:

And my sister’s boyfriend Christopher:

A lovely day for a birthday, apparently!



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